TLH Software
Logical Excellence
Providing robust technological solutions for any business

We provide a wide range of technological services that will ensure you gain a foothold in the digital marketplace.

Our Services

Database Management Services

  • Comprehensive monitoring services
  • Database optimizations
  • Best practice implimentation
  • Replication strategy & deployment
  • Business inteligence strategy & deployment

Network Deployment & Administration

  • Network planning assistance
  • Network deployment services
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Optimization
  • Network security services

Web Development Services

  • Responsive architecture utilizing Bootstrap
  • Layered application architecture promoting performance & scalability
  • Cross platform API development including formatting for: JSON, JSONP & XML
  • Real time processing with SignalR & KnockoutJS


With our innovative methodologies, technological strides and general approach towards solution developments for our clients. We strive to deliver such innovation with the following Methodologies


Systematic Approach to Limiting Expenses promptly named, S.A.L.E


The Client Side Solution Architectures such as MVVM and build platforms such as MVC better known as CS.S.A



Human Readable Document Structures that provide detailed documentation sets for our clients

Expandable Engineering

Expandable Engineering is what our Architects are driven to deliver, so that you can always extend your custom solution as your brand grows

Not only do we strive for excelence with our innovative business structures, we utilise the tried and tested technologies such as KnockoutJS & SignalR to achieve the excelence that we strive for.


Technologies We Use